Jewish Labor Committee Condemns Racist & Anti-Semitic Graffiti in Philadelphia

Thursday, November 10 (Philadelphia) – Today, the Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee released the following statement:

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the racist and Anti-Semitic graffiti that recently appeared in South Philadelphia. It is horrifying to see swastikas and other symbols of hate appear in our community, especially in the vibrant multicultural neighborhood where this occurred. We are thankful to local law enforcement officials for taking this incident very seriously and encourage anyone with information to come forward to help catch the perpetrator. “We cannot help but note that this apparent hate crime in Philadelphia occurred on the anniversary of Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass. This was one of the first large organized attacks on Jews living throughout Nazi Germany in 1938. The symmetry of these two dates raises chilling questions about the direction of our nation.

“We do not know if this is an isolated incident or part of a frightening national trend. However, it is clear to us that the troubling rhetoric used by some in the recent presidential election has emboldened individuals who identify with hate groups and white supremacist ideology. This behavior has no place in an open, inclusive, and just society. It must be strongly confronted at every possible opportunity by all people who support freedom, democracy, and common decency.

“The Jewish Labor Committee was founded over 80 years ago to oppose the spread of fascism and Nazism. We stand ready today to join with like-minded people from all backgrounds who are disgusted by rising bigotry and intolerance. It is vital that people of good conscience stand together in solidarity at this critical moment, regardless of race, religion, nationality, or ethnic background.”

The Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee is dedicated to upholding and renewing the long-term commitment of the Philadelphia Jewish community to social justice and economic fairness. Learn more:

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