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Jewish Labor Committee Mission

The Jewish Labor Committee is the voice of the Jewish Community in Labor and the Voice of Labor in the Jewish Community.

The mission of the Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee is to increase awareness in the Jewish Community as to the struggles of working people in Philadelphia through educational programming and advocacy.

The Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee is dedicated to upholding and renewing the long term commitment of the Philadelphia Jewish community to social justice and economic fairness. We advocate for fair wages and decent working conditions through our partnership with the American Labor Movement, with the working men and women in Union ranks, and by collaborating with other local grassroots organizations and initiatives striving to ensure the same.

Director's Page

After nearly five years in this role, I feel privileged to be the Director of the Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee. To be frank, when I started, I...

Social Actions

The Jewish Labor Committee often engages in civic actions designed to bring attention to specific labor and social justice issues. These actions...

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